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Lies he says,
Liar he calls me
It’s my story to tell
The truth you want to hear
That is not the truth in my heart
That is my crime
So much in my heart
Not enough words
I withhold some truth
Doesn’t make it a lie
I’ve borne this alone
But i find you worthy to know
The truth I withhold,
I do it for myself
Thinking if I don’t say it
It didn’t happen
Because the look in your eyes
When I told you before,
I’ve seen it before
In the mirror, on my face
When to me it happened
I judged myself
But by omitting the parts I didn’t like,
I decided it didn’t happen
It couldn’t have happened to me
So i deny it
To myself
To you
For my good.
But this is my truth

I am a girl
In my final year in university
I was molested
I was molested by my lecturer
Mr Agunna
He was going to hit me.
He fought my clothes off
And was ready to hit me
To avoid that,
Under duress,
I let him kiss my breasts
And play with myself
To make him cum
But it could have been avoided
If I didn’t get in his car.
But I didn’t know
That is my crime, not knowing
I should have known
I should have been smarter

But you’d never understand
Till it happens to you.
There are no words to describe the pain,
the disgust.
You can draw your conclusions
I would have if I was looking from the outside

But it happened to me,
Not you.
This is my truth
Not yours
My cross to bear
not yours
Now i want to forget
I need to move on
Please don’t judge me
I have done that already to me.

This poem was submitted to us anonymously by a student of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra State. She insists that it was pulled from a personal experience but wont disclose anymore details.
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