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Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

Last weekend, I went kayaking in Lagos lagoon and must say, I like how comfortable I have become at immersing myself into new and usual situations. The kayaking is one and the socializing is another. To my greatest and quite pleasant surprise, my heart did not beat as erratically as I would have thought just before I stepped into the water. Socializing was not as exhausting either.


Kayaking in Lagos lagoon

For me, being by the water is one of the most relaxing things ever. I almost never pass up a chance to be by the water. This time I went kayaking on the lagoon with my friends from niadrenalin

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

  Everyone was in high spirits, excited and looking forward to the experience

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

  Show time.  Finally got to go into the water.

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

 The waves got under my skin at first but I quickly got over it

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

 Well.. I didn’t fall into the water…

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

 A well deserved victory pose

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

“I told you I would row to the other side and back”

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

 Sat down for a drink afterwards

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

 Everyone say hi to Mr Seni Williams, the awesome man behind the kayaking gig

Kayaking in Lagos Lagoon

  I get to scrap kayaking off my list and I had a great time too!!!

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I  wouldn’t consider myself an adrenaline junkie, although I thoroughly enjoy that feeling of fearlessness that overcomes you the minute you step off the edge. Nothing like a good rush of blood to the head, but I am still very much afraid and as we all know, fear is crippling. This crippling fear still manipulates some parts of my life but in the spirit of desecrating the unholy temple of fear, some friends and I decided to go bungee jumping and zip-lining at the Lekki Leisure Lake.


If you have read any of my previous post here and here then you already know what we are about. If you haven’t, well we are about chasing away fear thru  adventures and exploring,I try to jump on every opportunity I get to move me closer to “fearlessness”

So naturally when the opportunity showed itself, I grabbed on.

The beach was nice this day, the weather was kinda dull at first because it had rained all morning. But if you know me then you probably know I consider every day by the beach a nice day. Nothing like the breeze and seaside air.

I eventually took off my shoes because, beach. LoL Don’t you just love when you can feel the fine sand under your feet?


The rest of the gang eventually showed up- remember my fellow adventure seekers from naidrenalin– I put my shoes back on and got ready to go off(literally)




The face you make when the attendant hands you your ticket and everything suddenly gets really real.


I’d like to say it wasn’t so hard to actually do it and that it was a breeze, but that wouldn’t be a lie. If I’m really being honest, I almost changed my mind last minute. Going up those stairs, my mind kept wondering off to all the possible ways thing could go wrong.



Which I suppose is both right and wrong, I absolutely didn’t have to do it, there was no compulsion. But I had to do it because the thought had already been formed and well, I’m trying to be fearless. And I was because when the time came I walked off the ramp and it was a blast.

I made a short video on my way down, find it here.

Once again, I’m glad I was able to look fear in the eye quite literally go off the ledge.

As you can already probably tell, the photos aren’t really superb. I apologize for that, the good people of Lekki leisure lake wouldn’t let me go in with my camera. We had to make use of our phones, and this is the result.

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I visited Nike Art Gallery a while ago. Since then I have literally been unable to find the words to describe it. So I will put it quite simply; I was blown away.

Art is that one thing I personally have an insanely high regard for. As a creative that is forever struggling to express herself correctly, I always marvel at any completed work of art. It is inspiring to know that it is possible to communicate your thoughts and vision so precisely that everyone else can see it.

So naturally I quickly scheduled a visit to the gallery as soon as I was in town and let me tell you it was overwhelming. There were so many beautiful, amazing, diverse and insanely creative works of art.

Let me tell you how bad it was; I spent the whole day there and I forgot to take photos. Luckily I had taken a couple on my way in. Also, when I came out from it(yes, it was like a high) I was able to snag a couple photos.

Did I mention that they had to beg me to leave? I will certainly be going back as soon as I can.

You see that horse beside me? And that Baphomet looking one at the back there? Made completely from tires! How insane is that??
            The inside is remarkable!! Everywhere you turn you will find beautiful art.  There are three floors and every corner is packed full of amazing artworks of different kinds. Like I said, overwhelmingThe white walls are a canvas of their own and help highlight the beauty of the individual paintings and sculptures that grace them.

I feel like I have barely scratched the surface, and truly I have. There is so much more that I would like you to know about this place and yet words fails me. So I urge you, if and when you can go and see it for yourself.  Also please find time to read the story of the remarkable Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye, the mastermind behind the gallery.




If you have any questions or comments, if you are planning a visit and need more information please send an email to hello@sunlightdreamer.com and I will be sure to assist you any way I can.

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Personally I hate to drive. You can say that I am one of those people who would rather be driven everywhere I have to be, then there’s driving in Lagos…

Driving in Lagos State requires a super power that sadly I do not posses. But I love speed, I love going fast, I love feeling pumped and I thoroughly enjoy a good adrenaline rush. So naturally I really wasn’t certain of the outcome when I found myself on the go-kart arena.

I am happy to tell you, it did not disappoint.


The first time behind the wheel was a bit scary for a lot of reasons but mostly cause there were so many people on the course that day and everyone was watching(or so I thought anyways)

I was shaky and certain that I was gonna crash immediately, but I was determined to have fun with it so I swallowed hard and stepped on the gas



   At this point I had become comfortable enough to take one hand off the wheel.  Basically I was feeling like a rock star. LoL

Being able to go fast without fear of getting bashed by a danfo or pulverized by a trailer was certainly an added bonus.

In the end I fad a fantastic time and can’t wait till I can go back for more. I’m glad that I once again got out of my own way and did something I wouldn’t naturally do.


If you have any questions or comments about the arena, if you are planning a visit and need more information please send an email to hello@sunlightdreamer.com and I will be sure to assist you any way I can.

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The beginning…

Hi guys! So in the spirit of seeking out adventure and exploring new places(read here) I joined some friends from my adventure club naidrenalin to a hiking trip on idanre hills.  The journey to idanre was a lot longer than I anticipated. The town itself is tucked away nicely between the various hills that surround the area.

Hiking on Idanre Hills

Hiking on Idanre Hills                        The morning of the hike day arrived and we suited up and got on our way. Everyone was excited as we looked forward to what lay ahead

Hiking on Idanre Hills                                         Hiking on Idanre Hills

Hiking on Idanre Hills

Hiking on Idanre Hills

Hiking on Idanre Hills

Eventually we arrived, after taking in the scene we paid for a tour guide and were soon on our merry way

Hiking on Idanre Hills

Hiking on Idanre HillsThere are a total of 667 steps and 5 resting spots before one reaches near the top of the hill and has to depend on your own sturdy feet for support. Hiking on Idanre Hills


Hiking on Idanre Hills

 Discovering Idanre Hills…

As we embarked on the climb, the guide began to regale us with the history of the anciet kingdom of  Idanre. Long time ago, a descendant of Oduduwa the ancestors  of the yoruba people, stole Ade Omo Oduduwa the magical crown and fled Ile Ife his ancestral home with a posse of followers. The crown was meant for Oduduwa’s son and  for that he incurred the wrath of his kinsmen. They were chased deep into the jungle and forced to lead a nomadic lifestyle for many years until at last they came upon a range of hills. In consternation, they exclaimed: “Idanree!” The hills became their refuge, a strategic protection against their warring kinsmen and invaders. There they settled and lived for over 800 years until they migrated downhill in the year 1923.Hiking on Idanre Hills
Hiking on Idanre Hills

Hiking on Idanre HillsHiking on Idanre HillsAfter a brief war with fatigue and vertigo we arrived on level ground.
Hiking on Idanre HillsHiking on Idanre HillsWe sat at the hill top and took in the sun and fresh air.Hiking on Idanre HillsHiking on Idanre Hills Hiking on Idanre Hills From the top of the hills, you are get an eagle-eyed view of the town and its surrounding: beautiful scenery contrasts sharply with the awesome perspectives.Hiking on Idanre HillsHiking on Idanre HillsThe legend of the Idanre Hills is incomplete without the mention of Agboogun, a great hunter with supernatural ability. A popular account asserts that the great hunter asked three of his sidekicks to accompany him on a journey. On their way, he paused to inscribe hieroglyphics on a hillside, and the cryptic inscription became known as the “Unreadable Signs.”
Hiking on Idanre HillsThen the mystical: A dilapidated building, a blackened slate with written words of warning written on it. It belongs to Chief Lorin, one of the chieftains who could well be described as the kingmaker.

We decided to take a breather underneath the aptly named wonderful rock which is strategically balanced on its side.

A little distance away is the king’s court, a mud house recently renovated. This is where the ancient kings of Idanre kingdom held counsel and attended to their people.
Hiking on Idanre Hills We also visited the first primary school which was set up in 1896. On our way down we were shown the sacred thunder water. The legend goes that the warriors of ancient Idanre drank the water(the water is formed when lightning strikes the rocks) and it made them victorious in all their battles.

The sleepy an unassuming town of Idanre has stolen my heart. I was only disappointed because I didnt get to see the Arun river and Agboogun’s magical foot print carved into the rock, I will certainly be making another trip to Idanre in the future, I look forward to another adventurous hike thru idanre hills.


So what do you guys make of this trip? I would love to hear from you…..xxx


If you have any questions or comments about the trip, if you are planning a trip and need more information please send an email to hello@sunlightdreamer.com and I will be sure ti assist you any way I can.

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Hi everyone, if you read my post here then you know that I was recently bitten by the adventure bug and I have been seeking out new and exciting places in an attempt to satiate my thirst for adventure.. So in this post I have written a little about the first 10 places I would love to visit to kick start my new adventure hunt.

  •  Awhum Waterfalls:  is located in Amaugwe village, Udi LGA of Enugu State. The fall is about 30 meters high and it is believed that the water has healing powers and can drive away evil spirits. I would certainly like to see that myself. I hear that parts of the water remain warm all thru the year….


  • Badagry Slave Route: I have actually been wanting to do this for a while but nothing gets me in my feelings like tales of war and slavery, that has been a deterring factor but i think I am finally ready to walk the path of no return. Badagry also has a lot of historical attractions including the first ever storey building in Nigeria.


  • Ezeagu Tourist Complex: This one I’m really looking forward to because the complex features a waterfall, a spring and a cave. I hear the waterfall isn’t so high but is really loud and the locals can tell the start of the harmattan season from the sound of the waterfall


  • GET Arena: So i could be wrong because i haven’t really done much in-depth research on this but i think as far as big cities (ie Lagos, Abuja and PH) this is the only place where one can drive a go-cart and that is something I would certainly love to try. The adrenaline rush, the freedom to drive as fast as you can without fear of being hit by a truck lol. Who wouldn’t want that? The GET Arena is situated at Victoria Island, Lagos.


  • Idanre hills: Located in the heart of Idanre, Ondo state, it is a sight to behold. The ancient Idanre kingdom, the mausoleum and the thunder water all add to the overall experience of this tourist site.


  • Lekki Conservation: The wildlife and serene environment attracted me to this beautiful spot but the canopy walk sealed the deal. I am curious so experience it myself and see how brave i really am.


  • National War Museum: Again this is one that I have been putting off for the longest time because, well, i don’t want to have to be too up in my feelings. But it is time to (wo)man up and get it over with. It is located in Umuahia, Abia State and houses some of the relics from the Biafran war era and Ojukwu’s bunker. I am certain that this is bound to leave me in my feelings but its a small price to pay for the experience.


  • Nike art gallery: This one i am actually really looking forward to, three floors of pure art work from different Nigerian artist. I don’t know if i can contain myself, I also look forward to visiting other art galleries like Terrakulture and Rele Art gallery. It is sure to be a blast.


  • Ogbunike cave: The Ogba cave is now popularly known as ogbunike cave, named after the town where the cave is located. It has a strong spiritual significance to the people of that region. every year the Ime Ogbe festival is celebrated to commemorate the discover of the cave and is sufficiently bounded to protect it from human encroachment.


  • Udi hills: Located in Enugu state rise over 200 meteres above sea level. It is arguably the biggest tourist attraction in the area. it said that the old cola mines and miners camp that was built at the foot of the hill in the 1900s is still open to tourists till date, i intend to find that out myself.


There are several other fascinating places that i would love to visit eventually, but i guess this is a good start. I cant wait to visit these amazing places and share my adventures with you.

Is there any other place you think should make my list? Have you visited any of these places? Please feel free to drop your comments!


PS: Apolgies for the poor photographs, they were all sourced randomly off the internet. When I do visit these places I promise to supply much better photographs for your viewing pleasure….xxx

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  Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – IBN BATTUTA


Today I woke up on the lush hotel bed with the AC low enough to make me wrap the covers around my body tightly and resolve to never leave the bed. I was relaxed and happy, never would have imagined that before the day ended I would have to be smuggled back into my own country.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I think I have always been the adventurous type, even though I never did much about it because something was always in the way. I either had to deal with school or work or something else. But at the time I was in a transition and had very little to do while I waited for the cocoon of existence to burst open and the butterfly that is my life to finally emerge. So, when a friend invited me to join in on a 4-day holiday at a beach resort in a different country I jumped on it. It was supposed to be a group fun holiday of sitting at the beach and exploring local markets.

I booked my flight and counted down the days till I could hop on the plane and join the rest of the gang for the adventure that awaited us. The day drew closer and it seemed to come with a deep anxiety. I had never left the country before and my passport wasn’t even ready, I imagined all the ways life could go horribly wrong, the thoughts were nauseating and overwhelming, suddenly the excitement that had engulfed me earlier seemed to vanish, only to be replaced by anxiety and a crippling fear.

I looked for every possible reason to avoid making the trip and only after a sincere conversation with one of my closest friends did I realize that the key to overcoming my supposed fear was in the fear itself.

“I have never been outside the country and wouldn’t even know where to begin, I cant do this”

Soon became

“I have never been outside the country, I wouldn’t even know where to begin, I need to do this”

And so it was settled, it didn’t mean that I suddenly felt free from all the anxiety and worry, it just meant that each time anxiety crept up all I needed to do was to remind myself that it was for that exact reason this needed to be done.

The day came and I made it to the meeting point, we embarked on the adventure. A journey that was seemingly short and unassuming but full of life lessons and hard realities.

  • Pick your battles and know when to conserve your energy
  • Sometimes in life all you can do is sit back and try not to get upset Onye wee iwe o kaya njo*
  • Always have a plan C

Make no mistake, it was an enjoyable holiday. I got to swim in the beautiful clear beach, laugh hard and be carefree in a land where no one knew me and no one cared.

We visited one of the local markets although much to my disappointment it was rather mundane and low on arts and craft. There was scarcely anything there that I couldn’t easily get at home. Still it was a nice experience to walk around the market and marvel at the similarities between cultures despite being thousands of miles and apart.

There was fun to be hard at every corner and we weren’t letting any slip by. Even when we got “arrested for taking photos” which is actually code for “harassment and attempted extortion” I guess the details of that experience is a story to be told another day but it only goes to show how deep-rooted patriarchy is and how irrelevant your rights are as a woman in this part of the world.

But then there was the beach, set in place like a godsend to cleanse and purge us of all the harassment and the almost getting duped by cab drivers and every other negative thing that might have crossed our path.

The beauty and sheer peacefulness of the beach singlehandedly made up for everything else. So we stayed by the beach and let the waves calm us and cleanse us.

The rest of our stay was not so remarkable, I for one spent most of the remainder of our stay walking the shores, gathering shells for the souvenir I was planning to make and taking photos. And when the morning of the departure day came around, my lungs were full of salty seaside air and I was ready to head back home.

We traveled along the coast for most of the trip, with the breeze in my face and music in my ears I was far away in thought dreaming up all the  many adventures that awaited me in the future now that my adventure beast was gently rousing from its lifelong slumber. The return trip was somewhat shorter as they always are, it also helped that at that point I was well rested and no longer  uneasy with the thought of being faraway from my home.

Soon we were are the border, but we had arrived late at night and the law it seems did not hold up in the night-time. So regardless of our “papers and qualifications” we all had to be “smuggled” back into the country thru the back roads.

It was as I traversed the back roads on a shaky okada settling the different guards and trying not to fall into the muddy road while also balancing my bag that the slumbering critter finally awoke.

This is nothing but a brief explanation to help you understand my new found need to seek out new places and experiences.

*Onye wee iwe o kaya njo is an igbo saying that translates as “if you get angry things get worse”


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