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Introduction to Health & Fitness || Staying Healthy In The Rainy Season

by Ifunanya
Staying Healthy in the Rainy Season

Hi everyone. This post is supposed to be an introduction to health & fitness and I am keeping my fingers crossed.
If you a regular here, you might notice;

  1. The health and fitness category has been there since the jump
  2.  This is my first time actually writing something in said category.

If you did notice, congratulations and you are absolutely right. Let me tell you why.

It’s quite simple.

I hate health and fitness posts. Okay maybe hate is a strong word but I certainly tend to avoid them. They are often so annoyingly conceited and stuck up-ey. Okay so, yes I am an chronic procrastinator, yes sometimes I don’t remember my own ideas. Yes I can be rather lazy sometimes. You are right on all counts. Each one.

But let me tell you now, the singular fact that I didn’t think I could share whatever little health & fitness related wisdom I have without sounding stuck up-ey like the rest, knocks every other reason out of the park.

Honestly, I still don’t think I’ve learnt it yet – to not sound stuck up-ey – but you know what? It’s whatever I’m doing it anyways so, there.

Asides from storytelling and exploring new places, in my free time I like to torture the people around me with my shabby but ever present wisdom of health and fitness.  And as the title aptly points out, I will be introducing you to that world with my top 5 ways to stay healthy in the rainy season. Now before you roll your eyes, give me a break okay? I’m trying to break the ice without sounding stuck up-ey, work with me here.

The rains will soon be upon us and in as much as I’m a lover of rain. I love when it rains. The cool breeze, the sound of the rain, the smell of it. Everything. As far as I’m concerned, few things are as soothing as a good rain.

But even I can not ignore the fact that numerous diseases and ailments tend to poke their heads out when the rains come. So because I love you, I have complied 6 ways to stay above the weather in the coming rainy season. No need to thank me.

    • Avoid road side food: I started with this because I believe it could possibly be the quickest way to catch something during rainy season. I know we all love our roadside bole and stuff but please bear in mind that food cooked and sold in the open air is likely to come in contact with airborne and waterborne bacteria’s and then likes. You might have to do some unlooking if you are gonna stay above the weather.
    • Wash off the rain:  Now I know it might sound a bit odd but it is best to shower if you get beat by rain. So you might be thinking, why shower when you’ve just been under the rain right? Well here’s the thing, showering- especially with warm water helps bring your body temp back to normal and gives you a chance to scrub off whatever bacteria or virus that might have clung to your skin in the rain.
    • Increase your Vitamin C: We know how easy it is to catch something this period. I mean you could avoid all the road side foods, shower after it rains and then all it takes is placing your hands on a contaminated railing and touching your face with said hand. (cold and flu virus usually enter your body thru your face) Next thing you know, you have a flu. Yeah. So what can you do? You can give your immune system a boost by increasing your vitamin C intake. Depending on your dietary needs, this could be achieved by taking more high Vit. C fruits – oranges, bananas and guavas or by just popping a Vit. C pill straight. Which ever works for you is great.
    • More liquids: It’s normal for our liquid- especially water- intake to plummet during the rainy season because we usually aren’t as hot but it is best to make a conscience effort to retain healthy levels. Drink water often and don’t wait till you are thirsty. We still need water to help us flush out toxins from our bodies and even in the rainy season, drinking water is still a great tip for staying healthy.
    • Hygiene watch: Proper hygiene is non negotiable now. One must always clean his/her environment.  Ensure that your environments are properly cleaned, rooms are properly aired and there is no stagnant water laying around the place. It becomes breeding grounds for mosquitoes and that’s a whole nother problem.
    • Umbrellas raincoats and rain boots: Prepare for war. These are your weapons of battle. It is best to always have one with you. Protect your body from the harsh rains. As often as possible, don’t get caught out in the rain without a way to protect yourself.

There you have it. My 6 top ways of staying above the weather in the rainy season. Brought to you with love.

The list is endlesss so if you have any other tips please feel free to share in the comment section. I hope this post has been useful and not to stuck up-ey.

Stay warm….xxxx

Staying Healthy in the Rainy Season Photo by Thomas Charters

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Oluchi February 20, 2018 - 10:55 am

Ahhh! I see that you did there!
I was going to say you cheated, because I skimmed through all the point titles and it didn’t represent any health tips. I was just eager to see the tip I don’t already know.

Then I decided to give the post a benefit of the doubt and read each point 😂 and there, I found them!
You approached this tips at a total different angle. More like Beware of the rains! Don’t underrate it. Lol

Idle head
How much do you know about living healthy?

Ifunanya February 20, 2018 - 11:27 am

I’m so happy you got/liked it!!

Thank you….xxx


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