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Rush: Zip lining in Lekki

by Ifunanya

I  wouldn’t consider myself an adrenaline junkie, although I thoroughly enjoy that feeling of fearlessness that overcomes you the minute you step off the edge. Nothing like a good rush of blood to the head, but I am still very much afraid and as we all know, fear is crippling. This crippling fear still manipulates some parts of my life but in the spirit of desecrating the unholy temple of fear, some friends and I decided to go bungee jumping and zip-lining at the Lekki Leisure Lake.


If you have read any of my previous post here and here then you already know what we are about. If you haven’t, well we are about chasing away fear thru  adventures and exploring,I try to jump on every opportunity I get to move me closer to “fearlessness”

So naturally when the opportunity showed itself, I grabbed on.

The beach was nice this day, the weather was kinda dull at first because it had rained all morning. But if you know me then you probably know I consider every day by the beach a nice day. Nothing like the breeze and seaside air.

I eventually took off my shoes because, beach. LoL Don’t you just love when you can feel the fine sand under your feet?


The rest of the gang eventually showed up- remember my fellow adventure seekers from naidrenalin– I put my shoes back on and got ready to go off(literally)




The face you make when the attendant hands you your ticket and everything suddenly gets really real.


I’d like to say it wasn’t so hard to actually do it and that it was a breeze, but that wouldn’t be a lie. If I’m really being honest, I almost changed my mind last minute. Going up those stairs, my mind kept wondering off to all the possible ways thing could go wrong.



Which I suppose is both right and wrong, I absolutely didn’t have to do it, there was no compulsion. But I had to do it because the thought had already been formed and well, I’m trying to be fearless. And I was because when the time came I walked off the ramp and it was a blast.

I made a short video on my way down, find it here.

Once again, I’m glad I was able to look fear in the eye quite literally go off the ledge.

As you can already probably tell, the photos aren’t really superb. I apologize for that, the good people of Lekki leisure lake wouldn’t let me go in with my camera. We had to make use of our phones, and this is the result.

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Morlimoore August 5, 2017 - 12:29 pm

Hahahaha.. You denied being the first to go initially ehh 😂😂
That was fun, I could actually feel the excitement thru my fone

Ifunanya August 5, 2017 - 1:50 pm

See!!! I was afraid at first, I can’t even lie!

It really was very exciting!!!

Lara August 5, 2017 - 2:19 pm

I need to add Zip linning to my must do list.

Not a fan of Lekki Leisure Lake but I guess the zip lining experience is a good addition.


Ifunanya August 5, 2017 - 2:34 pm

I can’t understand why you would say you aren’t a fan of Lekki Leisure but the zip lining is totally worth it!!


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