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Dream Poetry || SET SAIL

by Ifunanya

It’s liberating when you hold me,
pin me down with your strong hands
rampage my flesh with your tongue.
Your hungry eyes take in every inch of my body
neck kisses, kisses on both lips.
I’m curling my toes as my streams open for you
I am your siren and you are my sailor.


It’s engulfing when you feel me up
take me and rock me back and forth.
I am staring in your eyes and I see our souls connect
We are reaching for new heights


It’s exciting to yearn for the peak
dig your nails into my skin and draw my blood
bound by blood and sweat
we ride the waves of my river in search of our crown


It’s divine when you grunt and shiver
we have found it and it’s ripping thru your body
you are in your purest form
I drink from your purity
It is beautiful to watch


It’s depressing to watch you hit the bottom
you pull out and away from me-
body and soul.
I feel the disconnect
The twinkle is gone, no longer your siren
You’ve already set sail




Set Sail II Poetry

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