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Life is about Trees or Midnight Musings

by Ifunanya


By the way, I tried to dye my hair again today and it didn’t work. I couldn’t get it right
I’ll try again by the end of the month.
I want to get a cartilage piercing but I am too scared.
I miss the days when I was a lot less fearful and more spontaneous.


“You tried to do it yourself?”


That’s how I got my second piercing, I wanted to do it and I just did it.


“You are in a different state of mind right now.
“Thank God you aren’t scared of writing also”



Well I am actually
I am afraid of not being liked
That’s why I need to go back to doing things my way and being okay with it.
Like dye my hair.
Get more piercing.
Dress how I like.
I don’t know if its a getting older thing


“This too has a hand or two in it”


This is the warning we ignored. The bridge we said we’d cross when we got to it.


Bright eyed and bushy tailed we didn’t listen, we ignored parts of it.
The full picture is rather uneventful and terrifying
Life gets us all in the end



“I guess we shouldn’t let it then
Although it doesn’t matter if we let it or not, we still shouldn’t let it”


I think we shouldn’t try to fight it
It’ll absorb all your energy and still get you in the end, so whats the point?


“So all we can do is preserve our best parts so we can spend themĀ wisely
plant them in fertile soils so they’ll grow and survive us.”
“We need to start planting already”


I guess so
That way even when you are burnt out you’ll still have shade from the trees you planted in the past.



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