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Dinosaurs, Designs & Desperate measures- An Escape Story

by Ifunanya
hippy-logo design

A short while ago, I once again found myself at a place i like to call The Nowhere Place. Sometimes I suddenly find that I have arrived The Nowhere Place, other times it is a gradual process. One thing is for certain, it is not a fun place so I always strive to spend as little time as possible there.

Waking up to find myself in the nowhere place again, I knew I had to find my space rocket, the one thing that was guaranteed to get me out in no time; learning, art, design. To put it simply, excitement!

When I was younger, I fared well with drawings and designs but with a paper and a pencil, if you know me at all then you might agree that I am a bit of a dinosaur-set in my ways, reluctant to change and doubtful of new

Flower power samplethings so as you would imagine, digital art form of any kind never resonated with me.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, with the help of a dear friend I got on the digital art band wagon. A couple of YouTube videos and pep talks later I started to try my hands at it and I think I haven’t fared so badly.


These are a couple of the things that I am most proud of.

Flower power sample design

As a peace-loving, tree-hugging, hobo, I naturally started with something that embodies it. It was also pretty simple and easy to make.

Enix logo

I also tried to redesign the logo for Enix Pets my pet care service brand. Its horrible I know, the original is way better.



go express sample design

go express sample

When you keep having delivery service troubles, you cant help but wonder if things would be better if you ran your own delivery company.

Samurai Jack Sample

Comp card sample design

Comp card sample design

Made a complimentary card design for my sister. She loved it, although looking back now I am certain I could have done a much better job with it.


Five-Star-revised design

Five-Star-revised design

I even entered a logo design contest, I didn’t win but it was certainly a learning experience. I made a couple designs for the contest but I think I like this one best.

Samurai Jack Sample design

Samurai Jack Sample design

Well, It wouldn’t really be complete if I didn’t try to recreate one of my favorite character of all times. This took me a little longer than I would have anticipated and even though it was a first attempt, i kept beating myself up over it. It didn’t look half as good as I would have hoped. But that’s okay, I am certain that I will do a better job next time.


I am curious and excited to see how far this will go. I have not been able to pay as close enough attention to it as i had planned but I will keep trying to carve out time.

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